Welcome to Microsoft® Personal Web Server 4.0

This home page is hosted on Microsoft Personal Web Server (PWS) 4.0. PWS turns any computer running Windows® 95 or Windows 98 into a Web server and enables instant publication of personal Web pages. Easy to install and administer, PWS can simplify sharing of information on corporate intranets or the Internet for all users. PWS is ideal for low-volume, peer-to-peer Web publishing. You can quickly publish your documents by using the new PWS publishing wizard.

This is the default home page. You can create your own custom home page by running the Personal Web Server home page wizard. Start the Personal Web Manager and click on the Web Site icon to start the home page wizard.

PWS has been optimized for interactive workstation use, and does not have the system requirements of Microsoft Internet Information Server. To get a copy of Personal Web Server for your desktop computer, visit http://backoffice.microsoft.com/downtrial/optionpack.asp

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